When the Virus Dies in Sealed Packages


Lino printing and letterpress printing on tracing papers, cotton thread, used facemasks.
29.7cm*20cm (12 pieces)


本計畫為Edinburgh Printmakers美術館2020夏季數位駐村之成果,回應主題「城市的現況」並於線上展出。

When the Virus Dies in Sealed Packages
is the result of Edinburgh Printmakers Digital Residency for 2020 summer in respond to “The Condition of the City.”

Since the beginning of lockdown, I wear facemask every time I go out. When wearing a mask, I feel isolated but perceptive more than ever. I started noticing texts from various locations which generate new meanings to me in this weird time. Some of them are left during pandemic, some of them are already there for years; some of them are preaching hope, some of them are shouting for doubt, inequality or injustice. I collected them because all the voices on the street is part of our reality. The way we live has been changed rapidly, but there are things that are always there, no matter good or bad.

These peculiar space-time experiences are sealed in packages I make for my used masks. The action of sealing is preservation but also isolation, just like our lives during lockdown. I believe there is no method to preserve our memory or feeling forever, even traces will vanish eventually. Nevertheless, by repackaging the masks, the uncertainty of whether they are carrying virus or not and all the consciousness I had while wearing them might be able to evolve into something else, perhaps a new interpretation of pandemic time in Edinburgh.




EP Digital Residency
With the cancellation of the Edinburgh Festivals, Edinburgh Printmakers is initiating a distanced residency project to reflect our current collective socially and physically distanced situation. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Edinburgh Printmakers is offering support to 4 artists at any stage in their careers to research and develop new digital projects.

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Artist Bio
2020 Graduated from Edinburgh College of Art MFA Art, Space and Nature programme, Hsin’s practice is inspired by landscape and environmental issues with a keen focus on the observation of time and process. She works using a diverse range of media, including found objects, print, performance and film. Her works had been exhibited at different places of Scotland such as An Lanntair, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, and Patriothall Gallery.

跨領域創作者,關注環境、時間與過程。2020年畢業於愛丁堡藝術學院Art, Space and Nature研究所,作品媒材包含空間裝置、行為、錄像、版畫、手工印刷等。