If you are neutral in situations of injustice you have chosen the side of oppressor

I found this sentence near a primary school, on a colourful handmade poster.

It was the wise word from Desmond Tutu, and it struck me of how I was burying my head in the sand that even a poster made by school children had more courage than me.

It was the time when people started calling “Black Lives Matter,” but I almost never expressed opinions because I told myself it was not my place to say.

The truth was, I used that as an excuse to avoid touching serious and sensitive issues and never truly faced myself.



當時正值「Black Lives Matter」的抗議浪潮興起,街頭巷尾經常看見手工的聲援看板,不過看見這張海報時我有一種被重重打臉的感覺,我想著跟這個孩子比起來,我真是非常不勇於表達自我——不僅如此,我總是下意識地遮住眼睛不去關注敏感或較爭議性的議題,原因究竟是什麼呢?